We are thankful for all the wonderful things our clients have said to us. It is our pleasure to meet every one of you:

"Engaging Natsuki for our graduation photoshoot was one of the best decisions ever! We had two fun-filled sessions, and both Natsuki and Francis were very friendly and patient with us first-timers, which made us comfortable and less awkward! ^.^ I especially loved how she was able to capture some candid shots that ended up being so pretty (one of which is now my cover photo heh), and of course her editing style as well! Thank you, Natsuki and Francis, for the beautiful pictures and awesome experience! We'll definitely be back for more! (:"  
- Suwen (Graduation Photoshoot, 2013) 

"Awesome pictures taken by a superb photographer.Thank you Natsuki & Francis for capturing all the beautiful moments. It also helped that you two are good with kids! We really enjoyed the session :) " - Irene & family (Family Photoshoot, 2014) 

"Thanks for capturing these beautiful moments of my family. We really love the outcome of the photos! Your passion in photography and patience with kids is amazing!!"  
- Hazel & family (Family Photoshoot, 2014) 

"Thanks again for the Wonderful job, you guys were really great. Darlene was overwhelmed that day & a bit cranky but you guys somehow managed to actually get more than a couple of nice shots of her - amazing!" - Patricia & family (Party Coverage, 2014) 

"Natsuki and her assistant are young friendly and accommodating. Its's easy to warm up to them. Their style of photography is non intrusive and Natsuki capitalises on natural lighting to bring out the best of portraits. I am also fond of Natsuki's subtle post processing style which gives the photos a timeless vintage feel. Most of you know that David is a photographer himself and so he expects quite alot from these sessions yet Natsuki manages to impress him with many beautiful shots she captured of our family." 

- Review from PrincessDanaDiaries's Angeline. 

Excerpts from The Kam Family's blog review which we feel best describe the essence of our sessions: 

"She (Natsuki) is really patient with the kids (and adults) and she gave us plenty of time and space to relax, and not to tense up for the shoot, especially important for the kids. She is not those type who just wanted to get some photos taken within the stipulated time agreed upon and then leave. On the contrary, she was not bothered with the time, I can sense that she is more concern of a job well done than keeping to the the agreed timing" 

"I was a little worried if the kids would refuse to be photographed, to my relief, after some time, the kids did not bother about their presence at all. They called them "jiejie" and "gorgor" and they really thought they came to play with them! What we did was to walk around the park like we usually did, and the kids were happy to play with the blow bubbles that they photographer has kindly provided. We stopped whenever we felt like, the kids went off to play at the playground as they liked. I really like how natural it is, that we hardly felt any awkward moments to be photographed." 

"I love how she managed to captured the kids' smile and expression when they were at play, it's so natural! It's the exact smiles we see on their face everyday. I am so thankful for these photos. These are the best faces I wish to see on them everyday and she has helped us to capture them! These photos are just too precious :-)) "