Hope these FAQs can answer some of your questions in mind!

1. Do you have a studio? Do you do studio photography?

A: Nope, we shoot at outdoors and on-location (clients' home or other indoor locations). This is because we love to make use of natural and ambience light to set the mood of our photographs. We love the beautiful bokeh in photographs taken in a natural setting! That is why, we seldom uses on-camera flash unless under very bad lighting condition. Using strong/flash lighting may also cause distractions for the little ones!

2. What do you shoot?

A: We shoot: Family, Children, Babies, Parties, Maternity, Friendship, Couple, Portraits, Engagement, ROM, Pre-wed, Private Events (Eg: Family Dinner)

We do not shoot at the moment: Actual Day Wedding, Any form of Studio Photoshoot.

For any type of photography not listed here, please contact us for more info!

3. Do you shoot Newborn?

A: Yes and no to this question! I would love to shoot your little baby with you in a photojournalistic, family styled setting. Please approach us if you wish to document the moments with your little one!

However, I don't do posed newborn photography like they would in studios at the moment. This is because I'm still learning to handle newborn babies and I would like to give myself more time before taking up posed newborn photography! :)

4. How come your quotation/package given to me is different from what I read from online reviews and from what I heard from friends?

A: Some of the online reviews you read online are done some time ago. Throughout the year, we've upgraded our equipments, bought more props to improve our photoshoots time to time. We have also made necessary changes to our package based on our customers' feedback. To get a more accurate price and package details, please email us at natsukiphotography@hotmail.com! :)

5. Can we arrange a shoot on weekdays?

A: Unfortunately, my assistant and myself hold a day job. Thus, we can only shoot during weekends. :(

6. What is the best timing for a photoshoot?

A. 8am in the morning or 5pm in the evening for outdoor shoots (need to avoid the crazy sun). 11-3pm for photoshoots at your home (more window light).

7. What is the wet weather plan?

A: Honestly, it is very difficult to have a Plan B for an outdoor shoot, as it is not easy to find a nice, sheltered place near the original location. Till now, I still can't think of a perfect wet weather plan!

My suggestion is that we reschedule the photoshoot to another date if it rains before we start shooting. It might dampen our anticipation but I'm sure we can take still nice photos the next time round! If it rains in the middle of the shoot, we will stop shooting and wait for the rain to stop. :)

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