Aloha! I'm Natsuki, or in short Nat! Nope, I'm not Japanese but a very localized Singaporean. The reason behind having a Japanese name is because I'm a big fan of everything Japan and I really like the name Natsuki which means "Summer Hope" directly translated

I'm a Singapore-based female photographer specialising in babies/children, family and party photography! I also do friendship, couple and ROM coverage because I love trying out various types of photography. 

My niece, Kaylea!
3 years ago, my niece was born into the family. Her birth brought us lots of joy and laughters and I wished that I could capture every moment of her. Eventually I took up a photography module at school and got my first DSLR in 2010. My niece became my favourite subject, her pictures could fill up my entire hard disk. Till now, I still take photos of her occasionally but this hobby became something more. I continued to venture into other types of photography such as productions.

Influenced by photographers such as Kimberly Chorney, Krista Palmu and Valeria Spring, my photography style is often soft and dreamy and in shades of pastels. I also love vintage and whimsical style of photography. I've decided to return to children photography where everything started for me!
Vintage theme with my nieces!
I believe that to take a good photos depends not just on technical abilities but also relies on the context and story one wishes to convey in the photo. I enjoy capturing the moment which my subject is the most natural. That is why I'll never rush my clients and fix them in poses and rush to end the session in a stipulated timing. I always prefer to shoot in a relaxed and slow paced environment where both the kids and adults are feeling at ease!

My assistant + 2nd photographer Francis will be there for most photo shoots to help. That's because we work best together and kids LOVE him. I can't imagine taking photo shoot without him around, hence, we only take photo shoots on weekends (he has a full time job. me too but mine's flexible)

If you live in Singapore, and had browse through my work and wish to look for a photographer for any purpose, send me some love at natsukiphotography@hotmail.com for more info.